20 Stunning Glass Door Designs For Contemporary Homes

Having a great view from our living room is a dream for a lot of us, that’s why we work on our windows and doors that could possibly view the skyline or even the ocean if you are living by the beach. Here are 20 glass door designs for you to choose from that could possibly match your preferences and the view!

1. Luxurious dining area concealed by sliding glass doors with black frames

2. A welcoming patio with an inviting glass door that leads to the living room

3. Reconnect with nature in your veranda with the glass doors as your gateway

4. Glance at the meadow anytime you want with aluminum alloy glass doors

5. Exquisite modern home with sliding glass doors that offer a very appealing view

6. Sliding glass doors that provides stunning views of the trees

7. Stunning modern kitchen that’s surrounded with modern glass doors

8. Contemporary nook with neutral tones sports sliding glass doors for great views

9. Sliding doors between the home interior and the patio

10. Eclectic living space with rustic sliding glass doors that offer a view of the forest

11. Ergonomic and organized contemporary bathroom with translucent sliding doors

12. Exotic looking pool house employs perfect fit blinds on the glass doors as walls

13. Bedroom with sliding glass doors that can be used for privacy and as a mirror

14. Cosy interiors that employ sliding glass doors to accentuate their beauty

15. Separate any room with sliding glass doors that tuck away into the wall

16. Modern beach house with sliding glass doors to have a spectacular view of the ocean

17. Large wooden sliding glass doors offer a view of the garden

18. A relaxing family room’s connection to the balcony is through the sliding glass doors

19. Have a glimpse of your collection through your sliding glass doors

20. Make use of modern sliding glass doors to have a luxurious closet


Creating a European Style Contemporary Garden

Once you are in Europe or United Kingdom, you can really find a lot of parks and gardens everywhere. Some were old but they are also once new or modern. Nowadays, these kind of garden designs are already loved and are applied on every households’ yards. If you have decided to have your own modern or contemporary European garden on your very own yard, then you have to consider to know the right ways on how to create one as it could be an investment which depends on your budget and your needs.

1. Wood or Stone

Most gardens nowadays are not just depending on the soil that they have, to make it much more beautiful and to add more varieties on a garden, some people add wood or even stone to make it look like a patio or even act as an extension of the house. It may look like a Japanese garden but it is commonly used in the United Kingdom already as it shows off a very natural and modern feel. Having this on a specific area makes it more comfortable especially if you add focal points on both ends – a Eucalyptus or a Lime tree will do.

2. Sandstone

This is commonly used just like the wood or stone on a garden. But blue or grey sandstones can be much more beautiful especially if you work with the lighting that shows off the stone carefully.

3. Hardwood

Who says that gardens are just for those people who own a wide area for a yard? Never limit your capability of having a garden even if you only have a small space when you even have a roof top. Roof top gardens are also pretty common nowadays as well, if you can design it perfectly and on a right way, you can even organise a small party and held it there.

Hardwood can be used to have a wonderful decking on your roof top garden and adding grass and more plants than expected can be done, too. It is also a great idea to have your plants grow out there since it is very direct to the sunlight and it is one of the reasons why our plants keep on growing. Roof top gardens may be a bit complicated to start with but you can always ask haggerston landscape gardeners to have some advice and ideas on it.

4. Movable

Do you easily get bored with your garden design? If yes, then you can have a movable one. Yes, it is widely used nowadays as well. They can be detachable or movable for you to transfer them easily. An example is a movable steps or stairs which you can transfer from time to time whenever you need them to transfer and get a brand new view on your garden.

There are certainly a lot of East London garden designs that you can always consider to install in your area, may it be on your front yard, back yard or even on the roof!

The Interior Design Trends For 2013 Have Come to Pass And Will Probably Invade 2015!

Two years since the birth of this infographic, we had definitely seen the emergence of vintage-patterned furniture, yellow and cream-colored rooms, some very unique wallpaper designs and the use of antique brass fixtures in different parts of the home.

The masculine design element has surely dominated this 2014, with more wood and natural colors being used in most European interior designs. Combined with wrapped furniture, many homes in 2014 have a professional and neat tone, with only hints of extravagance and excessiveness.

We believe these trends in interior design will likely dominate Europe in 2015. What do you think?

12 Contemporary Garden Furnishings You Should Consider When Designing Your Garden

Having a garden of your own is such a splendid thing because you have an extra space to utilise. It is a designated place where you get to meet and connect with nature, especially when your home is located within urban boundaries.

Of course, a little bit of design work would not hurt. If the garden is well looking and well maintained, it can definitely up the value of your whole property. Now, aside from plants and flowers, you can beautify and add character to the area through different furnishings. This applies very much, especially if you are aiming for a modern theme.

  1. Paved Pathways

These bring direction to a particular spot like your front door or your flower beds. It is a stylish way to also avoid people from stepping on your plant life.

  1. Patios

This outdoor region may be away or just connected to your very residence. The patio is usually paved as well and it can be the corner where you rest and relax by yourself or with company.

  1. Elevated Expanses

To build interest, you can incorporate some height with stairs. It will be stage like and so, it will be a special space to be in, not to mention attractive.

  1. Lounging Areas

Your garden may be for purposes like drinking coffee, reading a book and such. Therefore, you should add in the appropriate furniture like a comfortable couch or even a large daybed.

  1. Dining Sets

Gatherings and parties can be extended from the indoor home to the outdoors, especially if there are loads of people, so it is necessary for you to provide tables and chairs for everyone to occupy and use.

  1. Shade

The rays of the sun can be dangerous with their extreme heat. An umbrella or any protective covering is very well encouraged.

  1. Lighting

Perhaps you would still want to hang out by your garden even during night time. Invest on lamps that not only bring brightness but also style and flair.

  1. Statues

Personalise the surroundings with sculptures and figurines of your choice. Common garden additions are gnomes and elves.

  1. Fireplace

Keep yourself warm during the cold season with a hearth. The heat and the light will surely be welcomed, more so because of the weather conditions. It creates an immense character too.

  1. Garden Pond or Fountain

If you are into fishes and water plants, digging and installing any of these two would suffice. You will need experts like the North London landscapers though for a quick and easy performance.

  1. Pool

Swimming is a worthy exercise and it will be a more fulfilling experience as you do it amidst nature.

  1. Fences

Protection to your house, not just your garden, is important. Make it a dashing purpose as you set up barriers that are not only strong and tall but colourful and trendy as well.

Whether you have a large or just a small yard, you can work your way around with it, especially if you collaborate with the landscape gardeners Hadley Wood. It will be a deserving investment as you will attain the garden design that you want.


Establish The Royal Elegance That You Are Looking For

When thinking of Europe, it is an instant thought that it is a place of rich culture and beautiful style. The nation has a classic and timeless air to it, which is then emulated in many forms such as home and room design.

If you are thinking of going for a European styled residence, you can be able to do so with furniture and other decorations that will surely establish the royal elegance that you are looking for.

Wood is big for this artistry because it brings a natural colour to elements. Whether it is the living room, the dining room or any other division of the house, there is a great character that emanates from each piece.

And while you are at it, you might as well shop for articles of furniture that even when they stand alone, they are lovely looking and attractive. Every chair and every table is an art that produces visual interest to anyone who is to catch sight of it.

Antique is then, of course, very relevant to the European theme. Score great finds in many stores. With their establishment in the household, you build a persona that mirrors your very own. Hence, you should pick out objects that signify your individuality and traits.

Europeans love their art and as an enthusiast, you are most likely a fan as well. Well, you can put up different artworks and paintings to grace your interiors. It does not have to be something famous and/or expensive. You might be an artist yourself or a family member is and it would be fantastic to display your crafts for everyone to see and appreciate.

Draperies and other window coverings such as shutters and blinds are wonderful additions to the home too. They not only act in accordance to their function but in design, they are also of immense help. Windows that are left as it is can be dangerous, not to mention just plain and ugly. Again, you can invest in treatments that will surely give beauty, protection and privacy to you as occupants of the residence. With the many colours, patterns and designs available in the market today, there is no doubt you will get these window furnishings that are fit to your overall motif.

For each room and the furniture in it, cushions and cloths can make a difference. It can be the material or the colours – everything can be altered for you to effectively go European. Even wall paint can do major to the visible aspect of the home. Since it fills the whole area, a good choice of shade can dramatically bring charm and appeal.

Even with not much of a budget, you can totally accomplish a classic finish. It is really only a matter of perspective. Your finances do not have to hurt for you to enjoy such an awesome house. But if you have a great financial standing, then that will surely give you a wider range of options.


Revitalising Your Home: De-Clutter before Redesigning

A lovely looking home can definitely bring so many benefits. First off, as people see your house, they will come to appreciate it – this directly equates to a greater value and worth of the residence. Even from first sight, you can see that it is a home of beauty and quality.

But as much as the outside appearance is important, the inside look is essential as well. Many have decided to improve their existing space to come up with a better place to live in. A home of aesthetics and function is definitely a must have before and now.

To do so, it is necessary to look into your interiors and get used to the idea of de cluttering. You have to start by cleaning and you can do so by assessing your belongings. Whether they are old or new, you have to identify if you can still use them and/or if they take much space.

If you have a garden, you can designate it to be the spot you pile up your rubbish. This is a good method to practice, so that there is one area that is intended for your garbage to be place in. This will then be easier and quicker for your Essex skip hire provider to get and transport them to the appropriate waste facility.

When handling your things, classify them into those that are still needed, those that you can sell or donate and those that can be thrown out. In this way, the process will be simple and smooth because you already have that one group that you will get rid of.

Cleaning and organising your home can prove to be good before you redesign because it can be considered to be a complete start. With unnecessary stuff out of the way, there is more space that is made free for your home improvement project.

As mentioned, you will need to call a skip hire company to provide you with containers to hold your waste materials in. You have to know though that not everything can be placed inside such as gas, fuel and other hazardous substances. Appliances, gas, tyres and the like are not allowed as well. Check your dirt pile if any of them fit these categories. They are unsafe and only authorised people can handle them. Get a size that you know will fit all your trash. It is even better to just rent one with a slightly bigger size for some space allowance. This can prevent you to overfill your skip because that in itself is illegal and dangerous.

With your house interiors clean and clear, you will now be able to arrange and position elements as you wish. What can be recommended though is that you make a floor layout before doing any of those. You can proceed to designing it yourself or you can find and contact professional designers to do the work for you. All in all, as you declutter your area inside, you are opening your home to a new look.

Hiring a Decorator to Design Your Contemporary Home

Apart from comfort and coziness, most people want a home that is beautiful in every aspect. A residence like that is one you would surely want to return to each and every day. It just stands that, indeed, a fine looking house is definitely a good investment. As the owner, it can benefit you, most especially if you are to perhaps sell it in the future. A more beautiful home equates to more worth and value.

Therefore, if you are to construct or renovate your house and beautify it with a modern style, it will be best to hire a decorator. There are many contemporary interior decorators out there that are ready to work on your residential property.

With painters and decorators London and a good decorating plan, for sure your home will be a changed and improved version of itself. Just the mix and match of the right colours can be a major step in modifying the look of your place. These painters will make use of top quality paints that even with fewer coats, you are left with a finished look that is durable and highly resistant to factors such as time, dirt and rust, among others. Washable paints can be incorporated too for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The experts can no doubt help you in the whole process of improving your residence. Work with them to come up with a layout that is both functional and pretty – one where you are able to maximise your existing floor space. Picking out the necessary furniture will be easy too. Decoration and other furnishings, no matter how miniscule, are important and should be well thought of. You as the homeowner will have your own ideas and what you should do is discuss them with your hired decorators to see if they are possible to be established in the house. Even as you employ professionals, do not let them decide on everything. Be involved, so that you will not have any regrets.

Decorating is a difficult job and doing it by yourself can be tiring and time consuming. When you embark on this project alone, the possibility of finishing it may be not as you targeted because if it gets too rough, you can just stop and leave everything be. Having painters and decorators in can definitely increase production. It is not that you are in a hurry but wasting time and even money is not something to be glad about, right?

As you live in the modernity of today, it is good to be able to keep up. And yes, this can be in the way of transforming your home into a contemporary one. Even if you are to turn and develop it into the standards of the present day, even in the future, your house will still be current in style and design. This can be achieved, again, if you engage high equality decorators to this project. With the right elements of colour and décor, your residence will surely have a timeless flair to it.

Buying Antique Furniture in England

Mixing a piece or two of antique can contribute to that contemporary look you want to accomplish. The acquiring of English antique furnishings has a twin charm. On the one hand is the satisfaction to be taken by filling up one’s house with antiques, great creations of master craftsmen, and on the various other is the opportunity of later monetary gain as well selected antique furniture appreciates in value.

Picking Styles

When gathering and getting antique furniture in England and Britain typically the quantity of time one is ready to spend will play a making a decision consider choices made. There may likewise be a wish to outfit areas with furniture of the very same antique period although a mix of designs could additionally reveal to good impact.

The decoration style of one’s house will additionally have a part with furnishings made from native wood such as beech lumber, oak, elm, yew, and the fruit timbers being well matched to old country homes. Such English nation furnishings, made in rural locations, is likewise cheaper than that constructed from imported timbers such as mahogany, walnut, satinwood, and rosewood.

chair-208473_640 chair-379398_640 furniture-273882_640 glasses-416492_640

Purchasing & Budgets

Generally it is recommended to buy the very best high quality furniture that our budget will permit, a couple of higher grade antiques are more effective to a higher quantity of furniture of uncertain ancestry.

These ideas are to be balanced, for the novice in buying antique furnishings, with the reality that if errors are going to be made it is far better they be low-cost ones. Similar to much else in life, blunders in purchasing antiques early on can prove to be valuable discovering encounters.

Antique Furniture Shops

Antique stores will be our main source of supply. They differ in attributes and quality to a terrific degree.

British Antique Dealers Organization

For purchasing antique furnishings of earlier durations in England, that is the Georgian era in the 18th century and in the past, it is strongly a good idea to purchase simply from registered participants of the B.A.D.A. Members of the Organization have track records to keep and will assure whether items are authentic or otherwise and will certainly explain exactly what later on modifications have actually been made.

Various other Antique Shops

Rates for antique furnishings marketed by members of the British Antique Dealers Organization may not be economical for all nonetheless and it is then that we contemplate taking our possibilities in run of the mill antique stores, the kind which provide a range of antiques with a smattering of furniture.

What furniture regular antique shops sell is usually from the very early Victorian and late Victorian periods, or the Edwardian period, frequently reproductions of furnishings made in the mid Georgian and late Georgian ages. Rates offered for such antique furnishings will likely be reduced compared to in professional stores and dealerships nevertheless the risk is far greater that dealerships do not understand the items all right to properly inform you of their actual origins.
There are also other antique furniture dealers which function behind the scenes, without an appealing shopfront on the high road, doing business with various other members of the antique field. For the even more knowledgeable enthusiast these antiquarians could be a good source for aged furniture in a “all-natural” state, unprettified available for sale and ideal for those liking to bring out repair works themselves.

Secondhand furniture and junk stores are very extremely unlikely to confirm satisfied searching premises.

Picking Antique Furniture

When purchasing specific versions go around to an array of antique furniture dealerships to establish the basic fair cost. Antiquarian are usually delighted to permit possible buyers to nose around and comprehend that people will seldom buy something on their first visit.

Unless you are a qualified furnishings conservator yourself avoid items that are structurally weak. Problems such as missing out on brass manages or keyhole plates must be treated as slight considering that recreations of antique furniture hardware are very easy to get.

Antique Furniture Auctions

Descriptions offered at public auctions of antique furnishings could be vague and misleading for the newbie enthusiast. When certain of a products ´ provenance antique auctioneers will identify it “Georgian”, or “Regency”, etc. Terms such as “Chippendale”, and “Hepplewhite” refer to furniture made in the late 18th century in the style of the designers mentioned. “Chippendale style”, etc usually tends to suggest a reproduction, generally of the Victorian period.

Just before making bids it could be a good idea to begin simply as a viewer, learning and watching, over a period of a long time, in order to acquire an excellent feel for just how public auctions work, to determine existing market prices. Examination yourself against the market, mark out a couple of pieces each time before public auction and approximate their value later on comparing your thinking with that said of the outcomes on the auction flooring. Continue documents of this.

When you have started bidding at antique auctions know that some items will certainly be bid up well past their normal value merely given that 1 or 2 bidders are established to have them. Do not take part on these events, keep a great head and simply pay exactly what you believe, or ideally now understand, is the important value.

Considerations for Planning Home Lighting


sect_lighting_ceiling sect_lighting_floor sect_lighting_lamps sect_lighting_wall

Lighting your home well is more than just the placement of desk lamps or table lamps. You can really influence the feel of a room by your choice of contemporary or modern lighting by using different techniques, such as floor lamps mixed with wall and ceiling lamps, creating a relaxing environment.

To plan the lighting of your rooms you need to take into consideration the activities that take place in them. For example, if the room you are lighting is your lounge, you might want to make sure you can achieve a relaxed lighting effect by using floor lamps, to take the strain off a hard days work. However, if you are planning to light a study you need to make sure you have enough lighting, such as desk lamps, in the correct positions, so you don’t strain your eyes when looking at documents or a computer screen.

Similar to any renovation project, hanging out on preparing your illumination design early at the same time pays big rewards at the end in regards to satisfaction.
For a major renovation, the initial step a resident need to take is to have an illumination developer or building professional do an evaluation of the alreadying existing health conditions.

Next, home owners must do a little abstract thinking in regards to their assumptions for the lights in their residence.

  • Exactly what do you wish to view in the space? (For instance, is there a fire place or some other home function to highlight? Do you favor to focus on the perspective gone, or make the center of the space the centerpiece?).
  • What don’t you really want to view?
  • Just what kinds of illumination do you often like?
  • Exactly what do not you like?

Analyzing these concerns will certainly assist house owners absolutely no in on things that they desire to attain with their lighting strategies and renovations.

In a renovation, the home will certainly be a vital consideration considered that homes pre-dating the 1970s normally were developed with merely one main lighting installation (if that) in each area. To improve the illumination in older residences, the ceiling or wall surfaces in each renovated room will have to be accessed to mount built-in components, such as recessed downlights or architectural illumination, such as nook lighting.

One more fairly straightforward renovation is to replace an on-off button with a dimmer– an adjustment that gives energy effectiveness and adaptability, and is extremely promoted by lots of specialists.

Make sure every little thing is on a dimmer. Not simply do you save energy, a lamp dimmed down just 10 percent will certainly increase the life of your light bulb. And if you take all your headlights down 25 to 30 percent, you create an entirely various state of mind.

Whether a homeowner plans a major remodelling and addition with all brand-new lighting, or just replaces a couple of key installations and switches, the renovation is well worth the initiative. Lighting is generally 1 percent of the expense of construction, however the initial point you do when you tip into an area is turn on the light. If a house owner is on a limited budget, it’s probably the best point you could do to improve your residence.

Bringing Home That Scandinavian Look To Your Home

From my point of view, Scandinavian interior design boasts as much minimalist and modernist design as its Asian counterparts. But there’s a significant air of difference between their style of minimalism compared to Japanese minimalism, for example. Maybe it’s because the Scandinavian designs focus more on the natural view rather than the interior of the house for one. But if you’d like to have that Scandinavian look, here are a few principles to keep in mind.

1. IKEA Isn’t The Only Peg

Plenty of people believe that Scandinavian design is heavily seen in IKEA’s products. While their furniture are obviously European, the style completely aren’t.

Scandinavian designs focus on neutral colors, usually in the shades of pale blue, cool grey, white, cream and some other flat and muted colors. Their muted appeal helps highlight the shapes and the sizes of the room.

Perhaps one could find calmness in Scandinavian designs but not with IKEA products because of the colors themselves.

2. White and Wooden Floors

Wood is probably the most natural color in any Scandinavian home design. But for most designers, the use of simple white wood flooring, even on the walls or ceiling, had become a staple. If not white, then most designers would opt for lighter shades of color. Most designs have a milky or creamy approach to open space colors

Combining these cream-colored flooring with darker but within-palette wall and ceiling colors, you could achieve a simple feel of the calm serenity introduced by Scandinavian interior design.

3. Really Humungous Windows

Scandinavian interior design focuses ironically in the exterior of the house. If you have a view of the forests, the beach or anywhere with a scenic view, large windows are a must.

For the most part, Scandinavian households are often isolated and the sun is quite high even on the evenings, and they have continuous days of darkness as well.

This is where windows play like changing wallpaper themes in their interior homes. It also gives the house a good outline and overall appeal from the exterior towards the interior.

4. Plants Interspersed With Furniture

Plants could give a home an air of office-like quality when you intersperse plants on some corners and as rhythm components of your interior design. Scandinavian interior design also focuses on outdoor activities and most designers are very much willing to take their inspiration home.

Natural plants across the house complement the cream wood flooring and open window views. Wooden furniture is also a must in most Scandinavian interior designs. When winter comes, these interior plants reminds them of how beautiful summer was during its time.

5. Functionality

Despite the plentiful details associated with Scandinavian homes, functionality is the imperative goal of their households. Minimalism also holds functionality in high regard.

Scandinavian interior design focuses on objects that provide function for Scandinavian homes. Most don’t need heavy decorative elements and they remove clutter from their interiors.

This helps a Scandinavian home, even a new one, have a feeling that someone has already lived in, had begun to take a shower or prepare a meal for a family even if it was just created the previous day.